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If you want your final project to be clear, you want to make sure to start with a clear resin.  Also realize that clear doesn’t necessarily mean ‘color free’.  Some clear resins will cure with a yellow tint, depending on the brand.  If you’re unsure about how clear the resin is when cast, check with the retailer or manufacturer before making a purchase.  Know that the clearer and more color free the resin, the more it will cost.

I hate having to do all that extra stuff to epoxy to get it glossy!”  Sit down, I have a few downsides to share with you.  First polyester and some polyurethanes may require that you wear a respirator mask with them.  In my opinion, polyester resin will literally take your breath away the smell is so bad.  I would NEVER cast this resin in my house or a space that I needed to occupy in the next 12 hours.  When I do resin polyester in my studio, I save it for the last thing in the day.  I cast, then leave for the day or I will even cast it outside, weather permitting.


We will carefully work with you to make a stunning body casting to suit your needs, style & taste. We can produce body castings in plaster, fiberglass & metal cold cast Copper, Bronze, Aluminum, Brass & Iron to suit a range of requirements Body casting is truly a magical experience from the initial casting to delivering the final piece.
We are offering bespoke body casting make the perfect mold, which can then be returned to use to make your bespoke fibreglass, cold cast metal or foundry bronze body casting keepsake.
We also offer 3-Month interest free payment plans with no credit. Check only things we need detail of your bank account and debit card to help you stagger the costs of your chosen cast commission. There are no extra charges and payments are flexible to your requirements and budget.

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